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Bioremediation products, groundwater recirculation systems, and expert engineering to meet your cleanup goals.

Aerial view of a project site showing asphalt scars where piping was installed and a small treatment shed where equipment is housed.

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Our products are 100% soluble

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Our experts are with you from start to finish

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We include everything the microbes need

Even under the best circumstances, remediation is challenging.

Have you dealt with:

Amendments that don't provide a complete solution?

Rebounding concentrations needing multiple injection rounds?

Point injections that miss contaminated areas?

Traditional remediation taking decades?

Struggling alone when things aren't going well?

Partner with ETEC to overcome these challenges. And when others arise, our experts are with you. Not just at the beginning, but until the cleanup goals are met.

Our solutions are tailored to the contaminant

We develop and manufacture our products ourselves, right here in the United States.

That's how we guarantee the product you receive meets our specification and our standards.

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Aerobic bioremediation of BTEX, MTBE, heating oil, PAHs, and more.

Anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated ethenes, ethanes, and more.

Enhance mobility and bioavailability with a non-ionic biodegradable surfactant.

Mineral sequestering compounds to reduce buildup of iron, manganese, and calcium.

Bioremediation of hexavalent chrome, 1,4-dioxane, nitrate, pesticides, and more.


Since 1992, we've applied proven scientific processes and time-tested remedial solutions at thousands of sites - ranging from corner gas stations to Federal Superfund sites.

In that time, we've honed our products & equipment. And our experts have dialed-in the process of reviewing site data.

As a result, we’ll recommend the right solution for your site and will support you until your goals are met.

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