Landfarming solves remote location challenges

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Site Summary

For decades, ETEC has provided bioremediation products, planning and oversight for landfarming soil remediation. Particularly in remote locations where space is available, contaminated soil volume is high, and disposal is impractical, landfarming becomes a uniquely viable solution. Our quality bioremediation products combined with the inherently aerobic nature of landfarming, has led to many sites being granted no further action (NFA) status over the years.

Site conditions and remedial goal

ETEC has been performing aerobic landfarming with bioremediation products for decades.  Locations include Greenland, Alaska, and California.  Most sites required remediation of 10,000 to 50,000 cubic yards of soil.  Contamination included Gasoline-Range (GRO), Diesel-Range (DRO), Oil-Range Organics (ORO), heating oil, and jet fuel.

ETEC Solution

Our preferred method involves laying out treatment cells at depths of up to 18 inches.  The timing and cycles of operation vary by location climate. Deep-tine tilling provides oxygen which, partnered with our bioremediation products, further optimizes the bioremediation activity.

Remedial outcome

Each site has various remediation targets, but ETEC has achieved soil closure on sites with cleanup limits as strict as 100 mg/kg DRO.

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