CVOC remediation adjacent to river with hydraulic control and 99% contaminant reduction

At a glance

Location: Connecticut

Geology: Fine (silt/clay)

Contaminant(s): Chlorinated solvent

ETEC Solution(s): CarBstrate, ISD system

Unique challenge(s): Water body, Active business

Site Summary

After just 16 months of operation, ETEC’s ISD™ groundwater recirculation system achieved 99% reductions in target chlorinated VOCs by recirculating over 2 million gallons of water and maintaining hydraulic control over the migrating plume.

Active injection and extraction to strategic locations throughout the site help eliminate the migration of the contaminant plume towards the adjacent river. The system remained operational through the originally designed 24 months of operation to ensure any minor remaining impacts were addressed.

Details about the project

Locations of injection (I) and recovery (R) wells are depicted. The inset photos show the location of the In Situ Delivery system. Note the close proximity of the river to the plume.

These graphs show the concentration of contaminants decreasing over time and two different source wells. Click an image to enlarge it.

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