Mineral sequestering

Reduce costly equipment maintenance caused by mineral buildup.

Mineral buildup is costly.

Naturally occurring minerals in groundwater, predominantly iron, often build up inside wells, piping, pumps, air strippers, and other equipment. As buildup increases, it can clog passages, reduce efficiency, and cause excess wear and tear.

If you experience reduced flow rates, increased gauge pressure, or premature equipment failure, mineral fouling may be a problem.


Prevent mineral buildup

ETEC designed FeSolv™ to control mineral and hardness scaling within groundwater remediation systems.

It works by binding minerals such as iron, manganese, and calcium in solution. As a result, they aren't available to precipitate and form metal scale.

And it’s effective in heavily aerated environments or following changes in oxidation/reduction potential, conditions commonly found in groundwater remediation systems.

FeSolv™ has been successful at sites across the country in preventing excess wear and tear and downtime caused by fouling.

FeSolv™ is easy to apply to treatment systems. It can be metered inline using a simple system provided by ETEC or added through existing infrastructure. Simply mix it with water to make a concentrated solution. It’s fully soluble up to 3 lbs. of FeSolv™ per gallon of water.

Two images of a filter housing - one has heavy mineral buildup inside; the other is clean inside following FeSolv treatment.

Technical details:

  • Shipped in bags as a
    dry powder or
    premixed in drums
  • 100% soluble
  • Non-hazardous

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